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Please be aware, we are a small local business, therefore there can be a delay in reply. 

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What To Do For Your Appointment...

You have booked and confirmed an appointment with us? Fantastic! Whether you have been for 1000 appointments or if this is your first one there are some important information we need you to know...

For The Appointment

- When you have booked and had your appointment confirmed, please check all details are correct in the confirmation email. If you require a specific therapist (specific person or female/male) please let that be known on booking. Our therapists names are shown on the email so please contact us A.S.A.P if this is not the therapist you require.

- Please bring shorts if you are focusing on lower limbs. 

- Any medical condition that has been treated/assessed by a doctor should be given to the therapist to be held together with your notes. 

- Please provide a doctors note when necessary for any serious medical conditions.

- Please have access to any vouchers that will be used on the session. 

- Pregnancy massage will require removal of clothes down to knickers, so please be aware of this. If uncomfortable, please let your therapist know.

-There is a toilet on the right hand side when you first enter the building.

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Cancellation Policy

- Sessions booked in advance MUST be paid upfront. In clinic paying for a 2nd+ session in advance we as for a 50% deposit of the next session. Online booking and first appointments will always require full payment in advance. 

- Online booking - sessions can be cancelled more than 12 hours before the appointment.

- We have a 12 hour notice cancellation policy, where you need to contact the clinic in order to cancel your appointment within this time. 

- STSMK has the right to keep full payment/deposit for late cancellations (within 12 hours) and no shows. 

- It is at the therapist's discretion whether they want to rearrange the session or to cancel the session. 

- We try our best to accommodate to everyone and we understand that some things cannot be avoided. We ask that you keep us informed if you cannot make the appointment otherwise we will be very strict on our cancellation policy.

- Those on packages may lose part of their package for extreme lateness of cancellation and also not turning up, so please do inform us as quickly as possible. 

- Any client that is late we cannot run over for as we cannot make the clinic and therapist late. It is at the therapist's discretion to rearrange or to treat for the remaining session. 

Cash? Card? BOTH!

- We accept cash, card and apple pay. 

- American express also valid.

- Bank transfers can be done, please ask Emily for details. 

- Payment in advance will be made for all appointments, so we will ask for your card details on booking. 

- Cheques are NOT valid. 

- Online booking will ask for payment, another way to pay!

The Door Is Locked, HELP!

- Our main door opens 10-15 minutes before your appointment if it is the first session of the day or after lunch or break.

- The top door may be locked depending on appointments and whether there is a receptionist. Please check the board located on the stairs for information. 

Running Late

- We understand that sometimes traffic and everyday life can cause us to be late now and again. 

- We ask that if you know you will be late, please do text 07928927696 as soon as possible. We may be able to help or to rearrange if needs be.