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Athlete Packages.

STSMK knows how hard it is for current athletes and aspiring young athletes to compete in day to day pressures and the stress that training and injuries can cause. We know how difficult it is if funding is low and you do not have the resources to help you progress. 

Getting an injury at a fundamental stage of your sporting career could be the make or break of your sport.  Gaining access to those around who can help support prevention of injuries, teach athletes how to look after their bodies and guide them to full recovery if an injury strikes, is extremely hard to come by. Until now!

We have devised athlete packages which can be used as a prevention to injury or throughout an injury. We can adapt programmes to athletes specifically and work closely with them on a weekly basis to ensure maximum potential. 

Ongoing pain? Frustrated and anxious to get back to sport? Worried you will become injured? Do not suffer alone.


Our packages comes at a discounted price when buying a variety of sessions upfront.

Buy your first package on the same day as your first appointment and receive 15% off!

(You may also use first appointment as part of package, please ask for more details.)


Identify and Fix.


Over 12 weeks (maximum 16 weeks)

Saving over £194!

45 Minute Consultation and Assessment

6 x 60 min Sports Massage

6 x 30 Mins Rehab/S&C

3 RockTaping Applications


Nutrition Starter Pack



Identify, Fix and Stop it Returning.


Over 24 weeks (maximum 28 weeks)

Saving over £197!

45 Min Consultation and Assessment

14 x 60 Min Sports Massage

14 x 30 Mins Rehabilitation/S&C Session

Unlimited RockTaping Aplplications

Personalised Programme

Athlete's Nutrition Pack


Weekly 60 Mins Foam Rolling Sessions

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Per Day

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